Slide Find out more about investment enviroment in Lithuania here Akmenė
Lithuania Lithuania is one of the fastest growing economies in the European Union, characterised by attractive business conditions, well developed infrastructure, high skilled and hardworking people. Income tax – 5-15%
VAT – 21%
Real estate tax – 0-1%
Land Rent – 0-1.5%
Tax system Distances: Vilnius ~ 270 km
Kaunas ~ 200 km
Šiauliai ~ 60 km
Klaipėda ~ 155 km
Palanga ~ 140 km
Riga ~ 120 km
Liepaja ~ 160 km
Ventspils ~ 170 km
Kaliningrad ~ 310 km
Pskov ~ 400 km
Minsk ~ 500 km
Geographical situation Akmenė Municipality is situated in the Northern–Western part of Lithuania, in the territory of the Lithuanian–Latvian border. District area - 844 sq. m., administrative centre – Naujoji Akmenė. The district is divided into six elderships. There are three towns in the municipality: Akmenė, Naujoji Akmenė and Venta. Akmenė District is a part of Šiauliai County.

Slide Outlook for business There are land plots available for business development with the nearby communications (gas pipelines, electricity and water-supply networks) in Akmenė District

Services of business consultants, lawyers, notary, banking, insurance, telecommunication and Labour Exchange Department etc. are available in Naujoji Akmenė

Akmenė District is situated in the territory of the Lithuanian–Latvian border and it is suitable for development of logistics activities

Akmenė is known as a region manufacturing construction material (cement, concrete, slaked lime, dolomite macadam)

Rich resources of minerals

Low manufacturing costs

Competitive labour costs

Large farmland areas provide an opportunity to develop agricultural activities

Unique geological heritage can be used for expansion of tourism activities
Transport infrastructure Airports
Palanga 155 km, Ryga 125 km, Kaunas 200 km, Vilnius 270 km, Šiauliai 60 km

Ryga 125 km, Klaipėda 160 km, Ventspilis 190 km

Railway stations
Venta 24 km, Šiauliai 60 km

Railway line
Railway siding of Venta-Naujoji Akmenė

Hotel 3,8 km
University 60 km
Schools 2-4 km
Residential area 2 km
Economic indicators Foreign direct investment in Šiauliai region - 1723 euros per capita.

The average salary in the Akmenė region is 1679.3 euros (Statistics Department of Lithuania, 4th quarter of 2021)